The Way of TEA/茶の心

和:  和合、和楽、人の和など、全てが平和に行われ、調和がとれ、順序が整っている事。和して互いに茶事を楽しむことを表しています。
敬:  自己に対しては慎み、他人に対して尊敬する事。また、床の軸、茶入れや茶碗も、皆それぞれに敬意をもって相対する事を忘れてはならないというのが敬の精神です。
清:  清浄、清純。清らかという意味。目に見える清らかさだけではなく心の中も清らかであると言う事。
寂:  静かでおだやかな、どのような状況にも落ち着いた心を表す。

The Way of Tea


We believe one of the most important values in the Way of Tea is to try to act considerately and respect each other in all aspects of life. The Way of Tea is not only a place to learn how to appreciate a bowl of tea, but also an opportunity to practice the attitude.


In a tea gathering, you will enjoy a beautiful garden and unique tearoom design. Inside the tearoom, there will be scrolls, flowers, unique utensils, seasonal meals and sweets, and of course perfect tea. Being in such a special environment itself is a great joy, but we also appreciate the fact that both the host and the guests are able to gather under one roof and enjoy the tea together.


The host, Teishu (亭主), cleans the garden and the tearooms, carefully select the furnishings and utensils based on a chosen theme or seasons. The guests, Kyaku(客), on the other hand, appreciate Teishu’s considerations and thoughtfully prepared bowls of tea. Kyaku’s attitude is equally important in making any tea gatherings unforgettable. The Way of Tea is about tea drinking in rather formal settings, but what lies beneath these formalities is the heart of care, appreciation and respect for each other.

The four words of「和敬静寂」“Wa Kei Sei Jaku” reminds us always the important values in the Way of Tea.

Harmony 和
We shall strive, through the Way of Tea, to achieve a world free war and in which peace prevails and all people can live in harmony with nature. 

Respect    敬
We shall strive, in the spirit of the Way of Tea, to regard each other with deep respect, and to spread the heart of joy and thanks that we, together, are alive right now. 


Purity    清
We shall strive, to pass on to the future a beautiful global environment, as well as to generate a rich and pure heart which extends around the globe. 


Tranquility    寂
We shall strive to apply ourselves to the Way of Tea so as to cultivate ourselves, and to foster global partnership that is based upon trust.