Our Tea Room/茶室紹介

茶室 「友香庵」












「友香庵 〜Yuko-an」is the Japanese tearoom of Chado Urasenke Tankokai Hong Kong Association (CUTHKA).

With great support from City University of Hong Kong, it was built in 2013 as a center for cultural and educational purpose both for CUTHKA as well as CityU. 


The name「友香庵 〜Yuko-an」comes from the combination of the two important words for us, friendship友好and Hong Kong 香港. We hope that this place will be the hub to nurture the harmony and friendship between people in Hong Kong and Japan. We also hope that this tearoom will be fully utilized and make great contributions to achieve the goal.


The Way of Tea or Chado茶道 is basically about a practice of making tea, serving to the guests, and enjoying the moment with the companions. It has, however, also developed as an area of comprehensive art influenced by Zen Buddhism. While learning Chado, you will be exposed to a wide range of Japanese culture such as literature, art, architecture, and culinary tradition. 


「友香庵 〜Yuko-an」has been built according to the basics of traditional Japanese tearoom design. The small garden, attached to the tearoom is usually placed outdoor, but we have brought it inside in order to replicate the serene scene. The garden also functionally serves to help us clean ourselves and have calm minds before entering the tearoom, where everyone stays clam and focused.


Here our diverse members of CUTHKA practice Chado together.